About Me

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I solve problems through design.


I am passionate about visualizing information, the color yellow, homemade Halloween costumes and turtlenecks.

In my spare time I capture and curate photos as @aldisunsets on Instagram 📷, revitalize my creativity through travel 🗺️, explore my new city (Boston)🏡 and care for my growing collection of houseplants 🌿.



👩‍💻 What I've been up to


In 2018 I began the transition to UX/UI design though hands on work at courses,  reading about human-centred design, keeping up with UX design influencers, listening to podcasts, attending meetups and conferences and of course practicing daily.

I am combining my new-found cognitive science learnings and design background at my current position as lead designer at a SaaS startup to drive the user interactions and the look and feel of applications in order to create experiences that our end-users love.

UX/UI Designer, Start Up, 2018–Present

UX Design, General Assembly, 2018

I have 5 years experience in graphic design for B2B and B2C advertising and marketing, layout design, environmental and infographics.

Advertising Agency Graphic Design, 2016–2018

Startup Design, 2015

Marketing Design, 2014

Infographics + Newspaper Layout, 2013–2014



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